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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Savannah & the Mole: Elimination Day

We have been trying to get Savannah into a local dermatologist for over half a year now.  Frustration!  First, you have to go a primary care physician for a referral.  From there you have to find a dermatologist that is on your insurance plan.  That sounds simple enough since there are about six listed: except, when you call each one they all say the same thing, "We are not currently taking patients."  The other option is to just set up a surgical removal with a local pediatric surgeon.  For personal reasons we were not willing to do that with the surgeon in our area.  I have tried to figure out what to do but kept coming up with no solution... until Sierra needed to see a dermatologist and they immediately referred her to UTMB Galveston.  When I called I told them I had had difficulty getting my oldest daughter in to a dermatologist and they said they would just go ahead and see her, also.  Simple!  Done.  

So, we arrived for her appointment two days later... TWO DAYS... after months of trying to get her in locally UTMB Galveston was able to see her two days later.  I was thrilled.  Ok, back to what I was saying... we arrived and very quickly called back for her consultation.  The doctor said that any mole like hers with the changes and fluids coming out of it should be removed.  So, we were thinking we would have to come back but no.  And, then we were thinking they would move her across the hall to a surgical area or something like that.  No, within about a minute the doctor had a syringe in her hand and was coming toward Savannah.  Yes, me and all the other four children were sitting there watching it all.  I held Savannah's hand and covered her face with my hands because I knew she did not want to see it removed.   The local anesthesia (shot) was administered at the site and we watched as it turned it white as the medicine went into the skin.  The doctor pulled out a flexible flat razor bald and bent it like a scoop and sliced that mole right off and covered it with a bandaid.  Done.  While we all watch.  No notice.  No warning.  Just done.  Savannah was shocked to say the least.

Honestly, we are so happy it is done, but my poor girl just kept repeating over the next day how she just did not know they were about to remove it right then.  Slightly traumatized, but done.  That mole was eliminated!!!  And, the best part... we got the test results back and it was BENIGN!  No cancer.... because I will be honest that was a very suspicious mole and there is skin cancer in the family history.  I can not begin to express how thankful and blessed we feel. 

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