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Friday, April 8, 2016

More Raised Beds & Chicken Changes: Part 2

Today we finished building the two new raised beds like our other two.  I still need to get soil and lining before I can plant but after that it is on!  I may have to buy a little bit different soil this time unless I want to wait about a week for a the other stuff to arrive in the store.  That's okay, though.  It might be good to try different soils and see what works best.  I will decide soon, of course.... because I can hardly wait to get things growing!!!

I also worked on the frames that I am adding to our chicken coop.  I had a little run in with a tiny rooster that is about to become part of a soup.  He ran up behind me and started spurring my legs.  Thankfully, I had on water boots and long pants... and, he is a little squirt.  Our tom turkey has always been a gently guy but he has decided he is the protector of this little tiny rooster.  My tom actually spurred me in the leg leaving a hole a couple a of weeks ago.  Tom started after me today after I took after that tiny rooster.  It was on!  I grabbed a big plastic barrel and guarded myself and then, made Tom and that tiny rooster feel intimidated.  Tom went in the coop and we locked him in while we worked on our project.  Seriously, this little guy's life is about to end soon.   Sierra was in the coop yesterday and dropped her new eye glasses.  She bent over to pick them up and Tiny jumped up and spurred her in the face and left big scratches all across her face. 

Anyway, I veered off track... Sierra and I got those two old raised bed frames situated in their new location and they are ready for their new life.  I will need to chop up the soil a bit in the one, scatter the wheat, and cover it with wire.  Wheat grows really well and really fast even in hot climates.  I am still deciding if I want to use both frames for this or if I want to make one a dust bath area partially filled with sand.  I am thinking that if I have two like this I could rotate planting times.  I could easily find a different little area in the run to make a dust bath area.  I am still deciding, though. 

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