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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ponderings as I sit here feeding my baby... I do not codemn those who don't do it, by the way. It is difficult to put it mildly. I have nursed all four of mine to approximately one year or so. There are many pros and cons, but I will share with you what it all comes back to for me.... GOD. God designed it! What could be more perfect for their little bodies (and ours) than what God designed!?

As I sit here writing this we are struggling with a thrush issue... most painful for both of us.... complicated by Sahara taking antibiotics for an ear infection... antibiotics make thrush worse. Just last week I had a terrible case of mastitis... fever, chills, too weak to walk...horrible stuff! But it is all a labor of love and I believe God expects us to labor even beyond "labor".

Now I watch her sweetness.... done nursing... dreaming, fluttering her eyes, making silly faces.... snuggling with me.... and I believe simply that God designed it!! Only God can design a system this perfect.

In saying that ... I have four blessings and with EVERY ONE I have had not-so-perfect moments. It balances out over the course of a year (or longer). The first six weeks is the hardest part. I will make a point to blog on this issue periodically! Email me a question, if you want!!

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  1. I agree. Our labor lasts a lifetime!!!!! But it is SOOO worth it!!!!!!


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