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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's in the "little things" we do...

What I think I will love about homeschooling is the "little things" that just happen without planning. Today my very soon to be five year old was looking at field guide book with frogs and insects in it. My strange girls LOVE bugs and frogs! Very soon my eight year old was lying across the dining table looking at the pictures along with her. They were totally taken by the creatures and were deep in conversation about poisonous snakes and the patterns on this frog or that moth's wings.... SCIENCE WITHOUT THE BORING STUFF.... just what the kids observe and find interesting enough to study on their own!

Later, as we were in the kitchen making cupcakes for Girl Scouts we had another science discussion about the oil and water we were using not mixing together. I demonstrated that as I stirred the oil and water mixture it would soon seperate again when I stopped stirring. The girls then each took a turn stirring the mixture and observing the oil and water seperate each time they stopped mixing. We then proceeded to our cupcake baking. Moments later when we were making icing for the cupcakes that same theory was reinforced as I combined the shortening, margarine, and vanilla. We creamed it together in the mixer. Once the mixer stopped I had the girls look inside. What they saw was that the shortening and margarine combined; however, the vanilla was puddling all around and had seperated from the other oily components in the bowl. We proceeded adding the powdered sugar and powdered cocoa and shortly they were busy licking the remnants of another science project right off their little fingers!!! LOL!!!

Fast forward a couple of moments later and I turned around to see my 6 month old in her highchair where she spends her time observing us being put to sleep by her biggest sister, Savannah, lulling her with sweet talk while rubbing her forehead. What a moment!! That is what I know is going to be best about homeschooling. My children will not only be schooled academics, but also in compassion and love for one another.

Now don't ask me about the wild moments.... that's another story altogether!

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  1. You are soooo right. It is so important to make sure we ask the LOrd to keep us focused on him so that we are able to recognize the little things that are sooooo precious. I look forward to reading about your lovely family!!!


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