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Friday, February 6, 2009

Homemade Sand or Salt Art Projects

I placed an order with Discount School Supply for Powdered Tempera Paints and have been thinking up more projects than I could possibly do! LOL! So, the order arrived lighting fast and the long awaited paints were the first thing I wanted to play with. I purchased three containers (1 lb. each) of the cheapest salt available and measured 3/4 of a cup into ziploc bags. I then put approximately 1/2 of a tablespoon of dry powdered tempera paint into each bag. I also added a couple of drops of water to each bag. My thinking for this is that it would make the paints stick to the salt crystals better. I recommend thick freezer type ziploc bags because the salt crystals will cut through the bag once you start mixing.... Ahhhh, MIXING.... this is where the fun begins for the kids. Hand each child a bag and tell them to mix it in. They can shake and roll the bag to their hearts delight until they have a bag of colored sand. Do discourage vigorous shaking and wild throwing of the bags... it seems fun, BUT... bag bursts, salt everywhere, gritty mess to clean... you get the scenario. This is a great time to explain how salt crystals are like diamonds and other crystals and can cut through things. Encourage gently mixing to prevent this. If your bags get holes (as our thinner bags did) simply tear a bottom corner hole and pour into another ziploc bag.

To answer some questions you might have:
--The idea came from purchasing a cheap sand craft kit from our local Family Dollar for $1. In this kit you have a sticker sheet with a picture printed on it. You peel away a section at a time and pour sand on it to make sand art pictures.
--I immediately began to think... Hmmm, you can do anything with this stuff that you can do with glitter. It is messy and you might want to consider it for outdoor crafting,though. Outline a picture page with glue and sprinkle the sand/salt over it. Salt "crystals" are just that; therefore, they shimmer!! Use a paint brush and paint on glue like it is paint, then sprinkle the sand/salt over it and your little Picasso will be delighted. TIP: You might consider putting food coloring in your glue for younger artists, so they see their paint against white paper and this will only add to there artistic creation.
--Difficulty level= EASY
--Time to make sand/salt= QUICK! If you have the bags ready with sand/salt premeasured and a few drops of water in the bag already, then you can hand these to the kids as quick as you can scoop in the powder and seal the bag. The kids will have their bag mixed in under five minutes and be ready for you to hand them another one. Before you know it you will have every color of the rainbow!
--You can buy the sand, but I made mine because I was already ordering the tempera paint powder for other use. The tempera paint powder has a long shelf life and it saves money to do this. Using the powders I plan to make our own paints, watercolors, colored rice, etc.
--This would be great, of course, for the most obvious craft... the sand art in a bottle. You could use a empty jar, soda bottle, decorative bottle, etc.. endless possibilities with this stuff.

Eventually, I want to start posting photos, but silly me can't figure how to stick the memory card in the memory card reader slot of my laptop computer... Gotta love technology that is over your head. Something that seems so simply has had me baffled since November!! Anyway, I would love to post a photo of our beautiful vibrant sand and I will ... maybe... one day!