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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sierra is FIVE !

C~R~A~Z~Y photo of a C~R~A~Z~Y little girl that I adore!!

Well, my second-born child is five years old as of yesterday and that was a big day in my world. Of course, once again she is feeling "jilted" as she did not have all of her friends visit on her birthday. She is just old enough to think she is is grown, but still has the understanding of a barely five year old. Her party will be this weekend and I suppose that will be our chance to make all things right in the world! Ha!

A few reflections on Sierra in honor of her fifth birthday. She could honestly rule the world and she is going to be one of those girls that can do anything she wants. She is headstrong and confident. She is also highly irrational and a grudge holder. She is beautiful and spunky. She is the first one to lend a helping hand, yet the one that screams the loudest and is hardest to console when you have wronged her. She sees people for what they are.... scarey, because we are not always as sane as we want people to think, if you know what I mean! She remembers all your bad moments and the good moments. I point that out because our oldest is more of a "remember the good / focus on the good" sort of personality. Sierra is more of a "remember it all / hold on to it all" sort of personality. She has by far (other than the irrational thing) been an easy child. She was one of those kids that would just lay in bed and take a nap, if you needed her to. She never HAD to be rocked, although I did when I could. At night you simply tuck her in bed and she goes to sleep. She was the one at a very young age that wanted to sleep in her own bed.... that one blew us away, because we were not quite there, yet. We still wanted to snuggle her, but she wanted her space. What a unique little personality she has and how I love her for it!

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  1. thank you for the encouragement- i'm so glad that you are homeschooling and enjoying it- i know it's crazy, but it is enjoyable and hard!. we have met, right? you are Paula's neighbor? were at the co-op family night? your blog is great- i'll be checking back...


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