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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The passage of TIME

I just added these cool little tickers to the bottom of my blog and over the course of the last hour have been playing around with updating my blog. I am still learning the beginnings of blogging, so I probably am spending too much time on this right now... that and Caden has a bit of insomnia tonight. So I emailing and deleting old emails and all that jazz. So, as my mind is wandering around a bit I realized that Cody and I have been together for right at 18 years. I have to say that some days I feel like I am not much older than 18! How can we have possibly been together that long? And then, the big one hit me.... Cody and I have been together for almost half of my life!!! Yes, doing the math that makes me... you guessed it.... 36 years old. So crazy to think about it all and the passage of time....

Interesting ponderings and ironic that it is Valentine's Day today. So, what fabulous thing did we do for V-day? Simply survive.... and Laundry. We are tired and weary... somewhat sick... and our dryer died last week... we stay busy... we can't catch up. One person gets well, another gets sick, another has a special event or appointment, holidays keep coming quicker than ever. More and more I am aware of the passage of time.

Family members are aging, we are aging, one of my babies will five this month and on that same day my daddy will be 60! My prayer: God, please slow time and let me catch up some. I just don't want to "blink and miss it"...

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