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Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it really a BREAK ?!

Well, I mentioned that my husband is a teacher, so we will be following the local school calendar for our homeschooling for the most part. It is Spring Break......, but is it really a break!? Come on now... you know what I mean, surely! We all have such high hopes of accomplishment and relaxation during what is "supposed to be" a break. Take a day like today. We slept in until 8:am because the clock in the bedroom did not get reset. I was trying to let everyone rest up for our busy day. The problem with sleeping in is that we had doctor appointments starting at 10:am and needed to allow 40 minutes to get there... So, that gives us just over an hour to get six people dressed, fed, and packed up for an all dayer (new word)!

Anyway, so today Sahara had a follow-up appointment for an ear infection at 10:am and Savannah had a check-up at 10:40 ... both at the same office, but seeing different doctors. Afterwards, we went to Office Depot, Goodwill, had a picnic and play time at the park, hung out for a while at Barnes & Noble, picked up a gift at Lifeway Christian Bookstore, proceeded to the mall where we quickly hit about three of our fav stores, ran (yes, I do mean RAN) through the mall to get back to our car (that would be our exercise for the day.. HA!), loaded all kids in the car to change into gymnastics leotards, went to gymnastics (hubby went in, I stayed with two exhausted sleeping babies in the van), went to Wal-Mart for groceries for tomorrows day trip, came home to a quicky meal, bathed two of the four children, put all kids to bed, now I am blogging and hubby in shower (my turn next for the shower).... I won't even go into to what still has to be done to prepare for tomorrow..... going to the BEACH!!

That's right just another relaxing day at the beach tomorrow!!! You think? When pigs fly!! Actually we are looking forward to it, but for many more reasons than one might expect. You see we live in the path of Hurricane Ike and we have been very anxious to get down to the coast to check out the damage. We also plan on having some fun with our family while educating our children about hurricanes and compassion, etc. I will do a follow-up post. I expect a very emotional day and I can't wait to share it here on my "little blog".

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