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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nursing gets Silly

I highly encourage you to nurse your babies beyond the first six weeks.... I have made mention of this in a previous post about breastfeeding. The reason I say this is not to just be a pushy breastfeeding advocate. It is simply because if you do not tough it out you are going to miss the "sillies" . They start out just nursing... just innocently getting nourishment from your tired body. Then, one day they start getting plain silly. One day you might notice they are kicking their little legs as if in some rythym... just from the joy of it. Another day they start to get distracted by you and begin to smile as milk runs out of their tiny little mouths and all over their face. Quite often they jerk their head around to observe the happenings in the room and suddenly their ear is filled with milk and you find yourself laughing out loud at the silliness of it all. On a day like today you are distracted in conversation and you realize after a few moments that your little one is nursing and jibbering, "uhm-uhm-uhm... uhm, uhm, uhm" while kicking her legs in that little rythym... you realize she is seven months old and she is the silliest and sweetest seven month old ever (as they all are). You see if you miss this you are gonna wish you had not... and some of the cutest stuff is yet to come!!

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