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Friday, March 13, 2009

TV Time... When Time Allows

My TV time is few and far between these days. Simply put if I can't learn something from it to make my life easier then I just don't have time for it. There was a time when I only watched TV for fun, but that day is gone... long gone. Even then I could have lived without it. I do have my moments of TV addiction, since I do have it here. And in the last year or so I have learned that DVR is really the only way to watch TV. I tend to watch TV when I am rocking and nursing my babies and now that I am homeschooling I just have to skip the TV part and teach the other kids while I am rocking. Unless it is nighttime.... we have gotten into a routine of me rocking and nursing the baby and Cody putting the other three to bed. During that time I watch my DVR episodes that have accumulated through the week, if there are any.

And this is what I DVR (strange as it may be): The Duggar Family (currently "18 and Counting"), Kids By The Dozen, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Wife Swap, Supernanny (not so much anymore), and the one and only just-for-entertainment one is Grey's Anatomy (although recently I am ashamed to admit it). The newest I will be adding to the list is Table for 12 premiering on the 23rd this month.

I am especially addicted to the The Duggar Family episodes. A must see is the "A Very Duggar Wedding" episode. They are an unusual remarkable family!