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Friday, April 3, 2009

Art -- Fabric Spray And Color Blocker

You could do this project with anything you want to paint. We used pillowcases that the kids received at Christmas from their Aunt Dusty. Other things I would suggest art T-Shirts, book bags, aprons, onesies, bibs, blankets, etc..

The pillowcases have scriptures on them and each of my girls received the "Faith" one as they all share that as their middle name. Our son received one with the fish symbol.


Item to paint

Garbage bag or cardboard to go between layers

Paint Blocker

Fabric Spray Paint

*We used a set from Discount School Supply by Colorations, but it has been discontinued. I read that Tulip brand makes a color blocker. I am certain you could get the paint and blocker easily. I am going to try refilling my sprays with half Acrylic Paint and half water. For blocker I might try school glue or toothpaste. Think about it... it just has to block the paint, be thick enough to hold it's shape for drawing, dry somewhat, and wash away.

  • We lined our pillowcase.

  • We made the designs with the blocker (mostly me). Set in sun to dry.

  • Sprayed the paint on. The spray completely covers the blocker. Set in sun to dry.

  • Wash away the blocker. The kids LOVE this part. Rub the blocker away with your/their fingers to reveal the designs. It is like MAGIC!

  • Wash and dry! Enjoy!

Now my kids have a special pillowcase to rest their heads on that they had a part in making. As the years pass and they learn to read I hope they will all treasure the scriptures and memorize them. I can just imagine them running their fingers over them and tracing the letters of F-a-i-t-h and the fish symbol through the years!

Buy pillowcases by clicking here!


Closer look to show the "color blocking" effect and the scriptures.

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  1. WO! They turned out REALLY good! I can't wait to do ours now. I may have to sew up some pillowcases so I don't have to go buy them...REALLY COOL!


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