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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Things I Have Sewn

First of all, IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME FOR YOU TO VISIT MY BLOG THIS IS NOT WHAT MY BLOG IS ABOUT. The following pictures represent what I used to do when I only had one child :) . I used to make and sell one-of-a-kind children's clothes on eBay, etc.. Strangely, my daughter only modeled these sets and the style I made for her was much simpler. I fell in love with one Raggedy Ann set that I made to sell and kept that one for her and I wish I had kept the ladybug shortalls pictured below. I am posting these pics at the request of one of my readers (and the other reader has already see it all...hahaha). This is strictly to show that I do know how to sew, though I rarely do... other than necessary projects or gifts... occasionally a costume or simple sundress. I do miss it and want to do some projects this Spring, but time tends to have a way of getting by me. The reality is that I became very "absorbed" in it for a while and it was starting to cut into my time too much with Savannah. I love to sew and create my own patterns and I love to find new uses for old things with vintage fabrics.

I have to say I always have an ever-changing "venture"... my current venture is babies! Ha! It has gone from the clothing, a craft mall booth (selling purses, etc.), retail festival sales, or it comes in the form of something I make... during my last pregnancy I made Sahara about 15 pacifier clips. I am constantly re-doing a room in my house. In fact, I had just finished decorating the room we made our school room, then... voila, I have changed it all for school... and I plan to change it more soon! Notice my About Me sidebar makes reference to my need for a creative outlet even if it is just my blog... LOL... Yep, my latest venture... MY BLOG! I must say I am passionate about my ventures! They really do mean something to me... maybe because they are my creations in some way.

Savannah as a toddler.
I never "made her up" for photos.
This yellow roses set was a vintage bed sheet!

Torn up jeans and red chenille. Did you know a size 6 halter will fit a two year old as a shirt?! I sewed this together to make it a comfy one piece that was easy to step into.
Cherries were so popular ... hmmm, should have kept this one, too! :)

Vintage pillowcase made into an outfit. The key was versatility. This could make several outfits... as seen, as a sun dress, pants w a tee shirt, the top could be a shirt as they get older paired with jeans. The outfits typically would have fit for up to 3 years. The pants start full length and become capri length.
Interestingly, I think this is how clothing was made to be in a time when you did not just buy new every year. It had to go through some phases probably. There was not a Wal-Mart or a mall on the prairie. I wish we could all go back to this stuff!!


  1. Gosh! DO these bring back the memories?!?!?! I really miss the days when we had so much time on our hands, and yet...I am so thrillled to have my days so FULL. Does that make any sense? I know it does to you. Maybe one day, when the girls are grown, we will get to DOLL UP our grandkids together! I can't wait!

  2. I know... I know... I know! It almost looks like Caden in a dress!! He is that age now, ya know! Hard to believe Savannah was ever that small and at the same time it seems like we were doing that yesterday. Remember the purple patchwork dress you made for Savannah... she actually did wear that one out... Sierra did not even get to wear it! It is probably the dress she wore the most! One day we will have time ... then, it will be deafeningly quite and lonely... or maybe they will all just multiply and we will never feel that way! :) I hope they have the courage to have tons of babies for us to play with!!

  3. Oh, I love the outfit made out of the pillow cases ...and the cherry one. SOOOOO cute!!!!!!


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