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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cooking Ahead Series

Hehehe! So, we are kinda doing a series amongst some of us in blogland. Anyone that wants to get in on it is welcome! The more the merrier! "Two heads are better than one" and maybe together we can lighten our load. There are no real "rules". We are just sharing cooking ideas and strategies for saving time and money by preparing some things ahead. I would say it does not have to be a "new thing". For instance, I am certain that I am not the only person that makes double batches of pancakes and freezes the excess; however, if someone were blogging by and saw such a thing they might be "reminded" to do it the next time they are making pancakes (or whatever). That is how this got started... Tara at http://www.toomanykidsinthebathtub.blogspot.com/ wrote a couple of posts about preparing meals ahead. I had just bought brisket on sale with the intention of cutting it in thirds and freezing it raw. When I read her post I decided to cook it and then divide it into meal portions. Much smarter!! So, I blogged about that. Michelle at http://www.littleredhomeschool.blogspot.com/ happened to be making cookies in mass quantity (some to freeze) and she jumped in and wrote a post about that. So, here we are.... Join in!! Leave a "comment" if you are posting on your blog. It we have some interested passersby I will see what I can do to get it "organized".... a button... and whatever.

By the way, my final tally for the brisket is 7 family size portions of prepared brisket and 1 meal portion and approximately 5 individual portions of chopped BBQ for sandwiches. Cost was right at $30 (at $1 lb.), so less than $4 a meal. That will save me from impulsive eating out on busy days.

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