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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Great Find... Bargains!

Savannah went on a church outing this weekend, so my husband took Sierra to a yard sale. He thought I might be interested, so he came back to get me. I found some great finds!!
These are foam stamps in the package never used for $1 each. The Alphabet set has Upper and Lowercase plus numbers and more. The other two sets are just for fun!

Fifty cents for this loom set was a steal... I have been wanting to get one of these, but putting it off until we are ready to do this project. It IS old, which I find charming. The mustiness... not so charming, so I will try to wash the fabric and dry it or buy replacement fabric.

I started NOT to buy this book, but I am so glad I did... and for $1 !! This little book alone would make a great Toddler/Pre-K Circle Time starter. Actually, I have been wanting to use something for our schooling and I think it will be fun even for Savannah (8), because she can help "teach" and learn at the same time. The lessons are 1-2 pages and easy reading that Savannah could do and we could all do together for fun. So easy that we can just enjoy it... no pressure here!

I hope you can read the excerpts. If not, see if you can click the pic for it to enlarge. Each page has a short scripture at the top, the topic, poems/fingerplays/songs, adult lead activities, and sometimes more suggestions or illustrations on the next page to go with it. I especially like the one below that encourages music play in the kitchen (BUT SUGGESTS A QUIETER WAY TO BEAT POTS AND PANS ;) They suggest using plastic bowls and plastic spoons.)

These are just a few of my bargains this weekend. The last time I found unopened mini-craft projects, etc.. Remember that old frames can be made new when your child decorates it and other items... Look at the item and think, "What could we do with it?" Look beyond what it is. You will teach your child many valuable lessons this way. They can learn to recycle things, to re-purpose things, to see the artist/creative side of themself. They can learn to be good stewards of their money at yard sales and re-inforce math skills to calculate their total. The list goes on. Well, I am off to bed... 2:45 AM !~!~! The baby had a bit of insomnia tonight!!

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