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Monday, April 27, 2009

Now That's Just U~G~L~Y !!

Awww... isn't that cute!! Uh-Uh-UGLY!
~~Baby Opossum~~
My husband (Cody) just loves catching critters for the kids... and HIM to examine!
Sierra is letting it curl it's tail around her finger. She looks a bit uncertain about it, though. I love that face she is making!! In the past when we have caught one of these little guys Savannah has held it by the tail. When they wrap their tail around your finger you can let them dangle. I have a photo of that somewhere, I think.

Savannah's expression speaks volumes. Hurry up and take the picture!! He's sooo uuuugly Momma!

And if you are thinking we live in the country, think again!! We live in a small town, but we live IN TOWN.... as in you can walk 2 1/2 blocks and be in the town square at the movie theater, library, funeral home, banks, shops, etc.. For whatever reason we seem to have lots of critters.... opossums, armadillos, rabbits, squirrels, moles, pigeons, doves, cardinals, geckos, lizards, newts, salamanders, snakes, etc.. I realize that some of that is normal, but not the bigger critters (the first three).

Our home is over 100 years old, so part of it is on pier and beam (blocks). The critters take refuge under the kid's bathroom by our room and we here them crawling around under there at night. Creepy sometimes!! They bump the water pipes and so we get these clanging sounds that wake us up. Yeah, we could kill the little guys, but look how cute they are!! Uh-hem... anyway, they don't hurt anything, so we let them stay and we returned this little back to where we think he was lost from so he could find his Momma... under the bathroom!!

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