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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I've Got A Wild Hair"

Well, I've got a lot of wild "hairs" at my house. I have naturally wild curly hair and all four of my kids have gotten my curls!! Bless their little hearts. Oddly, the misconception is that their hair would be curly at birth; however, you can't really tell right away. There is a bit of wave at moments, but nothing definite until the curls just spring up one day... literally, spring up!! About a week ago I started noticing a little "flip" to Sahara's hair when she got a bit warm and sweaty. So, today when Sierra was in the tree (read previous post) I had Sahara sitting on a blanket and I noticed this:
Look at all those little wild flips!!
Sahara S~I~T~T~I~N~G (on her brother's blanket) !!
And sitting... this is new, too. Just this week she started really sitting, but she is soooo unstable and will just throw herself back! So adorable! Uhh... did I mention she is almost 9 months old. She is a bit "delayed", but don't worry. She is healthy and has healthy muscle tone. She has just been "guarded".... I use that word because my primary issue has been to keep her safe. Her brother adores her, but he is one rough little guy. I get a lot of complaints about her delays, but sometimes it is better to just keep them alive. :) Don't you think?!! I think it is so great that babies are all different and I am so thankful that mine is healthy. If you are reading this and your child is "delayed" just don't fall into the trap of worrying or letting others cause you to worry. All babies are different... so different! Some things are just common sense, too. Mine is an example of this.... If they spend all their time up high (and safe) in a highchair, then they can not possibly develop their skills, such as, sitting up or crawling, etc. If they are obviously healthy it is just not cause for worry. E~N~J~O~Y them. So soon.. too soon they will be up running and into all sorts of "adventures.

Thank you God for my healthy baby and all my healthy bigger kids. My heart goes out to all of you that are not so blessed!!


  1. I love baby curls! Only one of mine had some, and she looked Mrs. Brady! But they're growing out :(

    I agree with you 100% about "delays" in our children's development. I don't think it would be such an issue if we didn't live in a Parents magazine world.

    It's a soapbox of mine. I cancelled my issue because I feel that it just encouraged my issues with perfectionism and wanting to measure up with what the world perceives as what I should be doing. Then it dawned on my, I shouldn't be doing what the world is doing. I should be raising my children for the Kingdom of Heaven. (Speaking of the other things that come after physical baby development I guess.)

    Anyway, I left you an award (of sorts) on my blog for my post today.

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  2. Awww, how sweet. I love when baby curls spring up!!!!! Your kids are so beautiful!!!!!


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