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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funny Little Tree Monkey !!

Sierra, 5, had been playing outside all day today in this beautiful weather we are having. Today she discovered how to get up in our magnolia tree by herself ... no boosting required! She spent much off the morning climbing around in the tree like a little monkey and walking the limbs like they were a tightrope. And, YES, I was holding my breath and trying not to watch too much. After much fun I insisted the kids come inside for a late lunch and Caden, 2, fell asleep at the table. I nursed and rocked the baby and she also fell asleep. Now if you are homeschooling you know this can be a great time to do some school while the little ones are snoozing away. So, I told Sierra not to go back out. Have you already guessed what she did?! She came running through the house like a wild child, flung the door open, and in moments was up in that tree climbing to her hearts delight. You have to now that Sierra is a sly little thing, so when I came out the door she was perched on a limb grinning at me. She was wearing a sly little grin and had a sparkle in her eyes.

I said, "Sierra Faith I told you not to come back outside." I admit I was grinning myself. ;)

She said, "Are you gonna whip my butt?"... still grinning.

I said with a laugh, "Well, I can hardly get to you can I?" As if I am going to climb a tree... and she did look really cute!! ... and, uh, yeah... I know I should not allow her to say butt, but it is short for buttocks. I have never gotten why that is so bad a word. My kids think hate is a "bad" word. They do no even comprehend "four letter words" or notice the words are being said, since they do not hear them in our home.

Yep, that's the grin I am talking about!

She is a cute little wild one!!

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