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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Natural Prayer

For some of us praying does not come so naturally. Sad to say, but it is truth. I was not raised in a home where praying was the norm. In fact you would have gotten a funny look, if you dared to pray or it might become the brunt of a joke. My mother would say that she prayed for her children every night and I believe that to some degree, but it was not something that she or my father taught us to do. They did not know how to pray themselves and were not comfortable with it. Anyway, today my parents were here and we were all sitting down for lunch when Savannah just starts praying over the meal. No one told her to. In fact, I had not even made it to the table yet. She just did it. I can't express how pleased I was. I know my parents are impressed by that and it is wonderful for Savannah to be able to be a living witness to them. In fact, Savannah and my other little ones may very well be the influence that has brought my parents to church. They have been attending a small church near there home for a few months now.

I have to say it gets quite noisy and sometimes a little disorderly at our house when it is prayer time. It is not always what it should be, but over time we have been coaching them and we are seeing improvement. See, we do not have them recite a simple memorized prayer. We have them pray what is on their hearts. With an eight year old, five year old, and a two year old they do not understand taking turns or one may get upset because "their prayer" was said already. Actually, as I sit here typing this I am realizing that that very issue is diminishing. Yippee! As they get older they will learn and we will learn how to guide them in praying and they will grow up in a home where it is only natural to pray.

I can't finish this post without adding that when someone is on their heart they pray diligently for that person. A dear friend of ours was on dialysis and later had a kidney transplant and Savannah would always remember to pray for him even when we did not. Over the years they each have done this and most recently it has been for a friend whose mother had a massive stroke and Michelle's husband, Marion as he recently underwent back surgery. Hmmm... and my daddy for a heart attack, Cody's dad for cancer, and his mom for a stomach issue. They have been busy lately... much to pray for. I am always so impressed that in their innocence they remember everyone and I am humbled. I wish I could remember as well as they do. I know God hears their prayers. Not only do they pray to God with a request, they also thank God for the beautiful day or the day they have had so far (at 8:00 am this one is sometimes comical). Sometimes they tank God for making someone better or letting a visitor stop by, etc.. I am so proud of them and so thankful that even though we are not experts God is guiding us in teaching them in such a way that they can learn to pray and it will just feel natural to them as they grow up.

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  1. SO precious. If it melts our hearts to hear our children pray...I wonder what it does to God's heart?!?! Keep up the AWESOME work! It is so GREAT to see what GOd is doing in y'all's lives...We love you all so much!


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