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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Nurturing Father

Tonight Michelle and her crew came over for a short visit. When we are all together we have four little pairs of kids, plus she has two older boys. The only thing is that one of the pairs includes my little boy, Caden. He just plays right along with those girls and has a great time... most of the time. :)

So, tonight they are playing dolls and we hear some squabbling (nothing major), but it turns out that it is over "babies". I can't count all the baby dolls they have for options, but you know how little ones are. The ONE that is being played with is all they can imagine and they all want the ONE. The others are simply out of sight out of mind. No big deal, so I grab another one from the baby doll pile and hand it to Caden and all is well. They all have a baby of their own. Michelle and I continue talking and then she says, "Look he's feeding his baby!" I look at Caden and my sweet little man has his baby's head pressed into his chest! He is breastfeeding his baby!


  1. Monkey See, Monkey do....isn't it wonderful that little tots don't really know the difference. If we could just store up some of that innocence for the ages to come, we'd live in a much sweeter place. Caden is TWO cute!!!! ;O)


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