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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sharing some PAIRS...

First of all, Michelle and I are buddies and in no way did we plan or imagine this, but look what we GOT!!! Missing from this display are our smallest "pairs" and her two older boys. She shared a pic (this top one) on her blog and noted that the only two sitting long enough for her to get a pic were these two... THE TWO YEAR OLDS... Amazing!!
Caden & Emari (3rd pair)
So, I am sitting here looking at my pics and I notice that I got pics of some of our other "pairs". Now this was not intentional on my part. This has been God's way with our friendship. I think it is by no mistake that God showed me once again that he formed our friendship. In the tiniest of ways God works out the details. TOGETHER we got pics of our pairs!! Now the little ones I am not counting... I mean, they'll be grouping up with each other soon... too soon.
Anaiah & Sierra (2nd pair)
These two are a hoot!! They will rule the world one day!! Mariah & Savannah
They have their lives planned out already! Imagine that at their age. And Mariah is not mad or anything. She is thinking about whatever and this is a "snapshot" not a fine photo. I got the pic.. not being picky about the details.

So, if you are counting that is four pairs, plus Michelle has two older boys. "Everybuddy" should have some pairs! It makes for some great fun! (Easter 2009)

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  1. AWWWWW! Aren't they all so precious! I wonder if GOd is gonna' give us any more PAIRS? LOL! ;o)Thanks for sharing these pics with me! I LOVE 'em!


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