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Thursday, April 16, 2009

ClustrMaps is cool!

I added ClustrMaps to my blog a while back so I could see where my blog visitors are from. I love seeing the little dots all over the map and I am amazed that some have been from outside the U.S. even. Overseas!!! Can they even read it, ya think! I do realize they may have just glimpsed my blog, but still I think it is way cool! There is this really big dot growing above Texas. I am thinking it is Oklahoma or possibly Kansas. Hmmm... it us kinda getting me curious, too. So, here's the thing. If you stop by leave me a "comment"... even if you don't have anything else to say just type in your approximate location (ex: Southeast, TX).

Okay, so click here and you can see my map close-up and the statistics. I am soooo impressed... I have had 224 hits on my site: United States (US)=214,Canada (CA)=4, Netherlands (NL)=1, France (FR)=1, Finland (FI)=1, Japan (JP)=1, India (IN)=1, Australia (AU)=1

Hmmm.... I am gaining popularity (LOL) in Canada or someone keeps mistakenly dropping by... Who are you? What about OK or KS? Anyway, hope you find my "little things" interesting and a big Thank You for dropping by! Come back often!!


  1. That is exciting to see how far away some people are reading from. Detroit area, MI

  2. You know where I am from! ;O) Do you think that the map might be a little off..??? I have this HUGE dot growing in the same area....WIERD! Or, is it just another one of those things? Pineywoods area, Southeast Texas


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