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Saturday, April 4, 2009

TOO Much Love...

Can't a girl EVER get a break?!
My kids can't seem to ever get enough love from their baby! She gets a bit overwhelmed by them sometimes, though. Hehehe!
I am so thrilled my kids love each other. They have some rocky moments, but they love each other and they would love as many as we had! Occasionally, they get selfish about a toy, but they would be willing to share themselves and us with as many babies as we would indulge them with. Yes, indulge is the word... recently, they were praying for twins and I told them they need to stop because we already have a baby!! Last night Savannah went to a slumber party and Caden was so upset that we left "Tavannah" and wanted to go back and get her. He was not happy when we ate breakfast without her this morning, either. You really can't have TOO much love, can you?! And NO, there is not another one on the way.

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  1. What an adorable picture!!! :) That is so adorable about the slumber party. Doesn't that melt your heart? What a sweetie! :)


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