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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cooking Ahead

Okay, this is gross, but I wanted to show what I started with. Meat is disgusting looking, but I remind myself that God gave us dominion over animals with the intention for us to eat it. I worked hard to trim this brisket to perfection. Lord knows that nothing ruins brisket for me like a big hunk of fat. Ewwww!
I am not good at remembering to cook ahead, so thanks Tara (toomanykidsinthebathtub) for posting about it the day after I bought brisket on sale for $1 a pound. I tend to cook too much and expect it to get eaten over a three day period. Of course, we get tired of leftovers or re-purposed dishes and we end up with waste. So, this is the cooked product and this is how it breakdowns:
Cost = $15.26
Meal 1 = Day 1.. That night we had 1/4 with various sides (baked beans, brocolli, mac n cheese, sliced bread)
Meal 2 = Day 3.. Add BBQ sauce or Manwich to chopped brisket and simmer in the sauce. Voila! We have BBQ Chopped Beef Sandwiches
Meals 3 and/or 4 = Day 1 Frozen.. These willl be ready to thaw, heat, and serve. I froze it in two parts for individual family meals or for using two if company comes for dinner. They can be served as is or chopped as in Meal 2. Also, I have not done it, but I am thinking it would be great in soup, burritos, quesadillas. If you have a "brisket recipe idea", please share it in comments.

Update: I am so forgetful! I meant to also make note that I made a double batch of pancakes this morning. Probably about 32 depending upon the shape. Sometimes we make Mickey Mouse or hearts in addition to the normal round ones. So, we ate what we wanted and I have 4 bags with 5 pancakes in each in the fridge. We will see who wants pancakes tomorrow morning and the rest will go in the freezer for quick pancakes during the week. Sierra BEGS for pancakes. I do this all the time with waffles, too. I have a professional Belgium Waffle maker (Waring Pro available at Sam's for $40) that is so fun to use. You pour in the batter, then close it. You turn the handle to flip the waffle and it self times. When it is done the beeper goes off! You then flip it, open it, and remove the waffle... YUM! I use Emeril's recipe done quickie!

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