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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Good Week

Okay.... I am not meaning to spread my blahs around! I just want everyone to know that I had a good schooling week with my kiddos. Monday we did nothing... the blahs and exhaustion from Mother's Day weekend. Tuesday I had no direction until I decided to jump in kind of late in the day. I fought the blahs and won! Wednesday and Thursday I did have my struggles, but I got the kids on board and we got it done. By that I mean I got my oldest too get on track and then, we had some afternoon Pre-K/2nd Grade Crafting (with some sneaky learning). Tomorrow we will be doing the same sort of thing.

I am seeking direction and piece by piece I am finding that direction. For Mother's Day my husband bought me the Duggar's book. He gave it to me Saturday morning. I don't know when I read it, but I was suprised to find myself on the last page on Tuesday. I read in the car travelling, while I nursed the baby, while I rocked both babies, ... I don't know really, but all 234 pages flew by and I could have kept reading double that! I knew this book would be inspiring for me and it was. It is very insightful! As I read it I underlined (as my husband gasped at the very idea of such a thing. Ha!) and took notes throughout the book. I look forward to looking back through it and using the information to give me direction! I am inspired!

Yeah, I am an emotional rollercoaster!! Who knows what you will get tomorrow from me, but bear with me. This is a strange and wild journey I jumped into back in the fall... homeschooling, I mean. Have I ever mentioned my timing in starting my homeschool journey? Well, maybe I will blog on that soon... not tonight, though. Well, I seem to have picked the worst timing to begin this journey... but I will tell you all that later...

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  1. I have found that about 60% of my fellow homeschooling girls start having the blahs around this time of the year. There are many reasons for this, so I totally understand. Also I read the Duggar book in one day. It's very interesting, I couldn't put it down.


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