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Thursday, May 14, 2009

KIR: Quick .... AND FOCUS !!!

Here it goes... my Keepin' It Real:

First, I will have to add the graphic later because I want to go to bed before 2:00 A.M. , so sorry ... sadly that has become part of my KIR. I am taking time to quickly post in support of Quinn, because I know how hard she worked on getting the KIR together... (and go read her post at http://www.insidethewhitepicketfence.blogspot.com/ because she is REALLY keeping it real).

Second, my KIR confession is that I can't seem to feel "bloggy" lately. My focus has been on other things this week... I am still out here and flying low. Still reading everyone's stuff, but not commenting as much (even when I should). Shame on me, but I AM ADMITTING IT and therefore, keeping it real.

Third, and my main topic is regarding organization (which actually ties in with my #2). My focus has been on organization theories and I must tell you I have lots of them, but in the spirit of KIR I have to admit I do not stay on track and even when I have a good system I seem to fail. My fault entirely! So, I am going to share an organization tip that is wonderful that I came up with a couple years ago. It only works if you use it, though! LOL! Yeah, the more you get to know me the crazier you will realize I am.. Ha! Anyway, I call it the "Focus Room". The theory is that you have a focus room a day. For smaller workload rooms you could do two focus rooms a day.

"Focus Room" Guidelines:
This was my way of making sure that every room in the house occassionally gets a good thorough cleaning! Like I said, you have to actually follow the plan and it WILL work! The FIRST step is to grab the camera.... and don't clean first or you'll never implement the plan. ;) Just start taking pics. You need one snapshot of each room. At our house the Family Closet counts as a room. An example rundown might be: Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Family Closet, Child 1's room, Child 2's room, Child Bath, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Laundry Area, etc.. You might want to include the Garage or Entry Point, if you have those. After you take the pics you need to print them (yourself or developing). I printed mine the size of index cards and placed them in a zipper storage bag with a whole punch in the top for hanging on a hook. The SECOND step and most time consuming part is to list all the cleaning duties for each room on a tablet or typed list. I mean everything... wipe baseboards, wipe all ledges that hold dust, dust artwork, clean window on inside, floors, etc. I used a yellow legal pad, but if you find this system works for you I can see the benefit of typing this up and gluing the list to the back of the picture cards. The THIRD step is implementing it. Choose a card to start with and move it to the front of the zipper bag and display it with your chore charts, etc. Start cleaning!!! It is helpful to make sure you set realistic goals. Choose an appointed time and have EVERYONE get involved in cleaning that one area. Choose a schedule... do you want to do a room a day or every other day?... do you want to pair two easy areas into one day?... do you want to break these intense cleanings into two sessions during the day? I find bathrooms to be difficult to get it all done at once. I want to spray down every surface and bleach certain parts, sweep, mop, sweep again, wipe down all the surfaces and shine it up good (for the two seconds that lasts). It might work well to start the detailing and then, later in the day do the floors for a room like that. You decide! Let me know, if you implement this plan. I would love to know that it is actually working for someone... Hehehhee!!!

Sorry... no pics.... again, I plead the "I'm Keeping It Real" clause!!!


  1. I do something similar when I clean, I have a monthly list and then a yearly list and when I do those I go room by room instead of task by task.

    I haven't been feeling bloggy lately either. I have in fact been very run down and (after I ruled out the usual suspect-pregnancy), I can only blame blogging. I've actually begged Bill to quit, but he wants me to do it, so I continue. Oh well, maybe I'll start telling myself it's the weather.

    Thanks for KIR again!

  2. You two are making me sad. :( I pray the Lord would refresh you and lift you both up to a place of renewal and excitement.

  3. I've been feeling the same way. I'm looking forward to summer when the kids only do math and reading and then play outside all day. I'm feeling stress and blah all the time. But thanks for reminding me about the Duggars' Yes Ma'm idea. I have the book, but I totally forgot about it. I'm gonna start it Monday.


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