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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KIR: Watermelon Rednecks?

We had the sweetest watermelon today! YUM! It just confirms to me that life is good!!! All things melt away when you have watermelon. As I sat out on the deck today I began to ponder if we might be watermelon rednecks! (photo courtesy of http://www.oregonstate.edu/)

Keep in mind this is my "Keeping It Real" post, so I am going to be embarassingly honest. After we ate some watermelon I said,"Oh, my belly feels like it is gonna burst!". Then, I burped! As soon as I burped Sahara let out a burp! Savannah burst out laughing! And yes, we know that is gross, but somehow burping is cute when babies are involved.

A few moments later I realized Savannah (8 y) had paint on her shirt, so I told her to wash it off in the kiddie pool (bending over it). She decided that was not working, so she stripped her shirt off and continued playing! Yes, out in the backyard for all to see. Caden was already completely nude and splashing around in the pool. I said, "Savannah, aren't you worried about being shirtless?" She shrugged her shoulders and simply said, "Redneck" as she hopped on her bike and laughed.

Hmmm... Did I mention watermelon WAS lunch?!!! Well, an hour later we had a regular lunch, but we were all content with the idea of WATERMELON being lunch!!

And one more thing... a couple of month's ago we tore our dryer apart thinking we were going to fix it. Well, that did not quite work out and we bought a new one. So, I told my husband to let the kids play with the dryer drum (the round part that spins the clothes ... or in our case it spins our kids ... Hehehe). They rolled all over the house like little hamsters until we got aggravated with stumbling over the huge thing. Then, we took it outside for them to roll it around in the yard. Thinking of the tire swing theory I said something about it making a cool swing. One thing led to another and before I knew it there was dryer drum hanging from a tree in our backyard!!! Our kids and all their buddies had the best time. It was like a ride at a fair. We worked it over and broke the rope 2 or 3 times, so it is out of commission until we fix it. In it's place for the time being is another redneck "swing" that I scored at the beach compliments of Hurricane Ike. It is a huge knotted up rope my husband hung from the tree.

I would NEVER consider myself a Redneck, but I have to admit it might seem that way... ;0 (Uh-hem... don't look at the way my kids are dressed... hmmm.. looking a bit redneck! ;0 )

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  1. Is this one of those things I should know because I live in the South??? ;)
    Too Funny!!! I would have never thought to use that!!!

  2. I think it is safe to say we are probably the proud inventor's of the Dryer Drum Swing! Hehehe! I doubt anyone else out there has as strange a brain as we do! Definitely a redneck moment!

  3. I can't wait for watermelon season! We were just wishing yesterday that it would get here... we have so long to wait.
    Useless info. about me that you don't care about: I'm allergic to watermelon (and walnuts and carrots and Fuji apples). I've read that people who get hayfever can be allergic to those things b/c of pollination or something. My gums and throat and lips get itchy.

    I love the swing idea. Especially the frugality of it. Sounds like everybody had a really fun day.

    Thanks for linking up to KIR!

  4. I do care. ;0 I have some strange allergy to pineapple that makes my mouth feel really strange and raw. A slight allergy to shrimp (I eat it anyway). Oddly, all of my kids as infants have gotten runny noses after eating bananas and one season my lips swelled up after eating a banana... just that one season which makes me think it might have been pesticides or something. Scarey! Also, I was pregnant and my allergies always seem worse then.

  5. I may no live in the South but were rednecks over here too haha Love the swing!

  6. haha... I love it, perfect use for an old drum!


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