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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poop Talent

At our house we see a lot of talents, but Sahara likes to shows us hers the most. She is such a show-off !! ;D This one is not too bad... really! Sometimes she manages to have poop coming out the back and front at the same time. And just tell me how it is that one manages to poop out her hip!!? It somehow channels up the groin area and out by the velcro fasteners. Remarkable talent!!!

Recently, my husband loaded all the kids in the car while I packed up a few things for a little venture. Suddenly, he is running back in the house screaming for help. I was passing him on the sidewalk with arms loaded down, so I had to go on to the van. There was poop in the car seat.... poop that came THROUGH her clothes. I ran in to help because I knew this one was gonna be bad .... and bad it was! I am yet to figure out how on this earth she managed such talent, but somehow when she pooped it came out all directions (front, back, top, sides... ALL) and went back down into her bloomers. Being that bloomers are fabric it squeezed right out through the cloth!!

Is it the diapers I use? I have tried various ones and after four kids I have come to this conclusion ... She just has T~A~L~E~N~T !!!

Special note: If you have a "talented" child flip them on their belly for a "reverse diaper change". It works wonderfully!

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