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Friday, May 1, 2009

Recycling DRAWERS

I can't say I am LOL because my eyes are buggin' wide open on this one!! :0

I am pretty cheap and I really do like to re-purpose things, but I have to tell you it is really more about the fabric for me.

You have GOT to go read THIS POST. And when I say "recycling DRAWERS" this is not a reference to furniture. This honestly shows CREATIVITY, if nothing else. :0 Uh-hem... if you decide to try this re-do yourself ... uh... let me know... uh... I just want to know....


  1. I can go ahead and tell you now that the only way that I will try this redo is if we run out of extra cloths and material around here and I am totally despirate to be covered...I don't see that happening. I think I'd use a feed sack first...LOL! And, yes she is a doll...they are all dolls in my eyes too! ;o)

  2. Ok, so apparently I am not familiar with the term "drawers" being used to describe underwear. When I clicked on the picture, I FULLY expected to see a set of drawers refurbished in some amazing way.......I am so silly sometimes :)

  3. PS...those pictures of your kids are SUPER CUTE!!!!!


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