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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photography gone WILD

I wish I could post them all! Sahara was not impressed with our attempts to get a good photo. She was quite impressed when we allowed her a "Paci" break. My Friend Kim stopped by while I was doing this, so Sahara had two unipressive clowns to stare oddly at!
This is tulle that she is laying on. Great for photos! I wish I had realized that before now. She fell back here and got torque off at my not-so-fast response to her dilemna. She is cute even when she is mad! What a blessing!
Well, she is not as impressed by the whole tulle-for-photo thing like I was...
Sierra has the funniest expressions sometimes! She used to scream and cry when you tried to take her pic and now she is the "photo hog".
All of a sudden Caden thought it would be funny to hit the girls on the head and for whatever reason they thought it was funny, too. Uh... they don't always think getting hit over the head is funny!


  1. such cute kids! I love your girls hair!! just like mommy:)

  2. Look at those big beautiful brown eyes! Your children are beautiful. I love all of their curls too.

  3. Hi, I ran across your blog through "daisy and pear" and I just HAD to leave a comment... thru reading your blog I have discovered we have LOTS in common.
    One of the "quirky" things, was that I noticed your daughters all start with the letter s, like you, and your son with a c, like your hubby. My hubby and I are doing the same thing with our kids names... granted we only have two so far but I've never heard of anyone else doing that....
    My oldest is 3 1/2 so we're not quite into the homeschooling full swing yet, but we're getting there... I look forward to reading more of your "real schooling" experience.


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