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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bible At The Center

More Conference talk about David Hazell... In his workshop he said that he and his wife had searched various curriculums trying to find one that Bible was the center of and they never did. Sure there were the ones that had Bible in them, but it was not the focus. The focus was academics. So the question becomes what are we teaching our kids concerning the Bible?

When we have a dentist apoointment, etc. and we take our schoolwork along is it Math and English we are focused on taking with us? Are those the subjects it is important not to miss? Shouldn't it be Bible?! Think on that.

When we miss schoolwork completely for a day, what do we "make-up"? Once again is it Math and English? Not Bible? What is the message we are sending our kids? Math and English are more important than Bible!! Yikes! Is that the message we want send? So, let's put Bible at the center!!! Let's send the right message!

So, this is my version of David Hazell's story that lead to the development of My Father's World curricula. By the way, I would totally switch to MFW! I am not because I am going to make use of what I have for the three R's and apply the principles I want into it. If you are searching for curricula I would highly recommend looking into MFW.

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