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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We LOVE Our Baby !!!

Thursday, June 4th on the ride to the SETHSA Conference I found that another tiny little tooth had emerged from Sahara's gums. That and her swollen upper gums explains her squawking little screams lately. She is fine "as long as I hold her", but when a girl needs held... well, a girl needs held. And at our house a girl GETS held. Yes, she gets her way every time.... sad to say, but nobody wants to hear her "cry". Really, she rarely gets a chance to shed a tear! Several months ago when my sister-in-law was visiting she said, "I didn't know the fourth one could be spoiled!" I said, "Well, apparently they can." I treasure all those moments of "spoiling" my babies and my kids do, too. This fourth baby has everyone doting on her! We love her and we ALL want to comfort her.

It occurred to me yesterday that Sahara and Caden will probably be the best of friends! They were sitting on the floor playing together so sweetly. Seems like a normal thing with siblings, but for these two it is not... not yet, anyway. Caden is a very rough, rambuctious two with very little self-control or understanding of how dangerous he is to an infant. Sahara loves him, but is very frightened by him. She constantly looks to me in fear to make sure I am keeping her safe. When she sees me she goes right back to smiling and grinning at Caden. I know this is just a time we have to get through. One day they are going to be running around here having the best times. They are the closest in age than any of our children. Caden being a boy will mature slower than girls do and by the time they are teens it will be very much like they are the same age. I know he will be very protective of her, also. It was an epiphany moment for me! I have a brother that is older and it was wonderful to have someone watching over me (even when he did not always like me... Hehehe!)

Today we went to a neighboring town and took the kids to the park there. I have noticed lately that Sahara has been babbling "Bye-Bye, Bu-bu, ..." While we were at the park I started saying it with her to reinforce it and waving my hand like hers. It just seemed to just click for her today. So now my baby is saying her first word!!! I told Cody and he was skeptical until I finally got him to come over and say "bye-bye" to her. She immediately started grinning and saying, "Bye-bye! Bye-bye!" while rotating her little wrist around in the sweetest little wave ever! As the other kids were playing I called them over one by one and told them to say "bye-bye" to her. Savannah's face beamed when Sahara said it back. We discussed what a genius we think she is... ;) When I called Sierra over she was thrilled as well. We just love our baby!

She is a genius to US! We laugh often about her talents (poop talents, joint popping, etc.). I have blogged recently about her poop talent, but I have not mentioned her freaky joint popping talent.... Yeah, really freaky... we are wondering if she may be double jointed! She can just sit still and suddenly start popping her leg in and out of the socket at the knee... repeatedly!... both legs!... And it does not hurt her or I am certain she would cry, so we are NOT worried... yet!.... We we will see if it continues and maybe ask the doc at her one year visit... maybe..... just to see them look at us like we are imagining things. Hehehehe! We love her and all her talents!!!


  1. We can kinda tell you love her from the pictures on your site. She has four and the rest have to share one. :)

  2. Jennifer, So true.... that got me rolling laughing! She has a clan of us adoring her, but she won't be this little long and I guess I'll replace all the baby photos with another "big kid" pic. ;) It just goes by sooooooo super stinkin' fast. She is "the baby of the moment".


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