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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conferences Is Over!

We are still in Houston at the SETHSA Conference, but it is over! Whew! No one mentions how tiring it is. I heard all about how it can be life changing and refrshing, but not about the exhausting part.

I have to say that I did enjoy it in the end, but it started out as kind of a let down to me. OOOOhhhh... did I say that?! I am being totally honest here, so I hope I do not step on anyone's toes. The first two workshops I went in were just not worth my time and it is sad to say, but it seems that much like the public school system we are so desperate to gain knowledge and encouragement that we will take anything we can get. I have never mentioned on my blog that I used to work for Region 5 Education Service Center in Texas in the Special Education & Pre-School department. I used to put together Conferences and Workshops for the public school system. Ok....Ok... yeah... my husband and I are a strange pair for homeschooling.... a public school teacher and an ex-ESC employee. Given my experience I know good speakers are few and far between. I think I thought that it would be different and better in the homeschooling world! And much to my suprise there were actually Presenters that were public school teachers who had never homeschooled. On day two for the first workshop I chose I got one of those.... Do I have to tell you how fast I walked out of that workshop! And after some thought I realized why the Presenters name was so familiar to me... I think the ESC had used her for workshops. Her information was good and useful and I will keep the handout, but I didn't come here for something I can get in a handout. I am way to informed for that. I want to hear from someone that can speak about the experiences I am going through! I am not writing this to focus on the negative side, but I think it has to be said that as homeschoolers we need to expect more! Make sure that when you got to Conference this summer or in the future that you GET what YOU go for! Keep your focus on what you want to attain and search it out... and don't be afraid to POLITELY walk out and look elsewhere. And on that note... I do not want this to turn into a rant so off of that and on with other things.

When I walked out of that workshop I meet two amazing ladies in the hallway. I did not initially realize that they had also walked out of the same workshop. We began talking and I got more from talking to them than they will ever realize. We exchanged names and email addresses and I so look forward to contacting them in the future! I also met another lady that just moved to Houston from Oklahoma and immediately noticed some common ground. I only wish I was nearby to offer her some support.... maybe through email will be enough. I can't imagine being a newbie homeschooler and new to the area, also. I think I can put her in touch with some people or just be a friend and that is all great. We exchanged email, also. My husband met some guys, but of course God will have to work a miracle because men do not exchange contact info. ;) It did my husband good to talk with some guys involved in homeschooling. Of course, now my husband is more aware of the nerdiness factor for male homeschoolers and we will be on a mission to make sure my son who is surrounded by girls will not be a "weirdo" (husband's qoute). Uh-hem.... I am totally on board with that, too. It is a great thing to be a Jesus Freak, homeschooling, individually different, and kind young man, but you can do it and look good at the same time.... ya know! My goal is not to raise a total "momma's boy", but rather to raise a man that can lead his home when the time comes. I challenge you as mothers to do the same. They are with us so much that this will need extra emphasis and even so much that I am going to have Man School for my Caden. Watch for coming blogisodes of Man School coming soon! LOL! ;)

What was good at the conference? Seeing other homeschoolers, being able to look through the materials on display, and the freedom to drag your kids along through it all without concern for what they SEE or that they are a bother to others. What I mean by that is that is nice to be around people that enjoy being around kids! The speakers that I saw that were good were Charlene Notgrass and Rosie Watson. And I will go into that more in a future post, but for now I "should be" packing, so I have to keep it short. The speaker that I saw that was GREAT was David Hazell. He is the co-founder and co-writer of the My Father's World Curriculum. Once I skeptically wandered into "a guy's perspective" workshop I went to all his workshops from then out! I did not expect it!!! I totally got more out of one hour with him that I got out of the entire conference. Awesome! I will blog about it all later.... gotta run before they kick us out of this place!! Hehehehe!!


  1. I've heard that David H is a great speaker. When I was tryinig to decide between MFW and HOD, a lot of people in the forums said that. :)

  2. OHH, I'm jealous. I've always wanted to hear David Hazel speak. I'm using My Father's world next year. I'm very excited. I'm glad you had a good time. I'm sorry about some of your workshops. It's hard to pick, and then to have them yucky....no fun. Atleast you had a good time. Have a safe ride home.

  3. Hi again! Sorry about my cryptic response. :) HOD stands for Heart of Dakota. :) www.heartofdakota.com

  4. i am so glad you had fun there. i know it can be overwhelming!!! i understand the frustration of husbands not exchanging information...:)
    how was the "my fathers world" curriculum? I have been eyeing it. we are going to the texas state homeschool convention in houston. in july or august o think. and i have some wonderful resources for training young men if you would like them!

  5. Not ALL homeschool guys are nerds!!! Maybe some, and that is how God made them, you have to respect that. My guys are NOT at all nerds...of the typical EDUCATED kind anyway...God did call us to be seperate, and to NOT CONFORM to the World and it's ways, and sometimes that might appear as nerdiness to some more skeptical people....but, I tend to see it in a different light. We shouldn't pass judgement so quickly on those that may be different than you and I. We should accept their differences as just DIFFERERENCES....those things are NOT CONTAGEOUS. Usually, children turn out how they turn out because of how they are raised....but, in the end, God molds us into what he wants, so long as we allow him to. I can say....honestly, that I know JUST AS MANY NERDS in the PUBLIC school system as there are in the Homeschool area. Maybe EVEN MORE. I don't worry about such things....I trust that God will have his way in Andrew's life...and with a gentle nudge here and there, I am sure that he will reach his FULL MANHOOD POTENTIAL, just as Caden will. I am sorry if you had a few disappointments....that is how conferences are. Unless you are familiar with the speakers....you might get a dud here and there. I guess I tend to focus on different things here as well. Yes, they are exausting, but the ones that I have gone to, I have left with a greater repect for homeschoolers and the diciplined lives that we must lead. I have left encouraged, refreshed, enlightened....ready for another year. Realisticly focused. Tired....but refreshed just the same.

  6. PS. :o) I would worry much more about my son turning into some dark and dreary being (much like Jerromy was 2 years ago)....compared to that....NERD looks pretty good to me. LOL!

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  8. Well, you and I have had tons of conversations about the nerdiness issue, so I know you know how I feel about that. I have often said that overall I think that a kid will only be as "weird" as their parents are. I am really refering more to fashion and the reclusive type personality issues. I, of course, do not bring it up to be judgemental, but rather use my blog as a "floor" to make homeschooling mothers look a little deeper as to whether their sons are going to be functional once they leave their Momma's side. Sure, I want Caden to cling to me as a child, but when he is grown I want him to cleave to his wife and put away childish things. I am not talking about boys Andrew's age either. I am speaking of young men, so I guess I should have been clear on that. Andrew has really "come into his own"... he is not stumbling behind you looking lost in the world. You and I know that he could step in at anytime and even raise your others kids if he needed to. He might still have a lot to learn, but he could do it for the most part.... and he is still just a boy! By the time he is a man he should be well equipped in my opinion... if that matters. Sorry, I did not mean to step on your toes. And fashion wise... well, I know some people are poor and that is a whole other issue, but young men should be wearing clothes that fit... not three inches too short even if that means going to resale shops a yard sales... just my opinion... and we have talked about that issue, too. So, I know you get what I mean. I like a well dress tailored look, so I am by no means referring to the latest fashions or gothic look. I am very happy to say that I did not see anyone dressed gothic or even remotely "grungie", but in saying that you also know me and I can look past that stuff, too. I just feel that people that dress gothic/grunge that way or seeking attention even when they do not realize that are. Anyway, I think kids deserve to be taught to dress in a manner that gives them and advantage in life rather than them looking destitute.


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