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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KIR: My Girl Still Has Talent

When is this going to end?! My girly showed me some more of her Poop Talent today. She was sitting on my lap cuddly after nursing with her back against my chest. My hand was across her belly and she tensed up and I felt air bubbling through her clothes... on my hand... on her BELLY... I thought, "Surely not!" The bubbling continued and sputtering sounds and as I peered around in horror I could see it bubbling up and seeping through her shirt! When the bubbly ceased I lifted the front of her shirt and she was covered in poop! Miraculously, it did not get on me. I yelled for help as I carefully navigated her to the tile floor and Savannah brought me some newspaper to lay her on as some of it splatted on the tile. Tip: Newspaper makes a wonderful disposable changing pad and I tell people my baby is "paper trained" (like a puppy... hehe!) :O Well, I think it is funny! Also, thank God for tile floors and the bleach to clean them with. Anyway, right at this moment my husband walks in... great timing for me. He is wanting to hose her down which I did not allow, because she has a high fever today... and I needed to wipe her down some to prevent dripping of more poop on the floor. ;) So, he warms the water at the kitchen sink while I remove the diaper (having to get my fingers in it to release the tapes) and the majority of the poop. It was obvious at that point that a spray down (with kitchen sprayer) was going to be necessary. Her daddy did the honors and bathed her while I disposed of the diaper (rolled up in the newspaper) and bleached the floor.
Yes, this is a gross photo. No, Sahara's face is not in poop, but her sister took the pic and we only took time for one and we were not going for a pose or a smile. ;) Meanwhile, the other kids are laughing hysterically and Caden almost gets in the poop about three times. After that is when Cody walked in. How's that for Keeping It Real?!

Oh yeah, an hour or so later she did it all over again.... while her daddy was watching her during the older girls' school time... on her sister's comforter. She loves to display her TALENT, but we missed the pics on that one! Lucky you!


  1. this picture is PRICELESS!!!!!!! she looks so intrigued with how well she splattered it all :)

  2. I was NOT expecting a poop picture at 8 in the morning. Thankyouverymuch. :) That is pretty funny.

  3. Shannon! I was eating my breakfast! ( Good thing most of my meals are interrupted by wiping backsides ;D )

    My favorite part of your story was your husband's very manly solution. I'm surprised that he doesn't suggest that you solve future blow outs by duct taping her fanny shut!!


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