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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KIR: Where Is Quinn?

I was working on my KIR post and tried to link to Quinn and it says "This blog has been removed." How can that be? You better still be blogging Quinn. I just noticed today you are following my blog... finally. ;) Come on.... Surely, this is an error! Anybody got a comment on this? What is going on?


  1. Silly Shannon, I've been following your blog all along, just not "officially." (I've just been too lazy to click add and type in your full address. Just been easier to type in "li" in the address bar.LOL!)

    When I began blogging 6 mos. ago, there was pretty much only one thing that could make me stop blogging for sure. It could never have happened, but it did. (And it was uglier than I ever imagined that it could have been.)

    I really feel like the Lord took it away from me (for now at least.) We're praying as to whether it has a future at all or if I need to make some changes to the way that I blog, or if this was simply about personal/spiritual issues that I need to work out. I wasn't going to be blogging too much over the next couple of weeks anyway as we're getting ready to go on vacation. We have to butcher the meat chickens, and I have to get every weed out of the garden, not to mention everything else that goes into taking a family of 7 on vacation. (I'm scared!) 2 - 12hr. car rides with my husband ought to bring us to some conclusion, so we'll see.
    Appreciating your concern!

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I realize you do not have to "explain" to us all, but thanks. I am certainly going to miss your blog and I believe you were reaching people in a way you may never realize. I will be missing you there, but I am hoping you will still be around to visit. Feel free to mini-blog in my comments... Hehehehe! I hope your vacation goes well and your "conclusion" will be a positive one.


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