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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Potty Talk

Okay, if you have been reading my blog this week I have had too much Potty Talk. If you are not into all that I am very sorry and you may want to skip this post. I mean, I am not forcing you to read it... so, this is your warning..... funny.. I should create a warning label graphic for postings that contain potty talk! ;) So, here's your WARNING. {Note: No pics today! My husband informed me that I am disgusting for posting such things. LOL! I guess when you deal with poop constantly you forget your manners! ;) }

We had a a breakthrough in potty training Caden today !!!!! We had a birthday party to attend for my nephew today about 45 minutes away at a skating rink. For some reason Caden wanted to go potty there and pooped in the toilet!!! That is a first for him. If you are not familiar with my potty training talk from previous posting, then I will brief you. With all my kids I start letting them sit on the potty chair around 13 months old just to familiarize them with the potty. They usually will pee quite easily because they pee so much anyway as babies. We act very excited and clap. Very quickly they realize that there is a connection between the potty, the pee, and the excitement. Before long they are grunting and making silly faces and they poop... or we catch them pooping and run them to the potty to show them how to do it there, instead of in their diaper. We do not force it, but just do it all in fun... uhhmmm, who ever thought I would refer to such things as "fun".... Anyway, we try to make it fun and rewarding for them. Both girls have been potty trained by the age of two. Caden has been a different story... a boy story... first I don't have his kind of "equipment", so I just can not seem to relate to him with potty training... Do we sit him on the potty or the toilet? Do we sit him backwards on the toilet? Do we stand him up and hope he aims correctly? Do we toss in Cheerios to "shoot"... and many more questions. Now he sits backwards or stand. One time he pooped in the potty and was horrified. We never have been able to get him to do it, again. Not ONCE has he ever pooped in the toilet. At two years and 8 months old he finally pooped in a toilet today! Now I am hoping that he does not expect us to drive 45 minutes to the skating rink to do it again! ;)

On a different note... Sahara had a repeat display of her poop talent today. All over her and her outfit I had just dressed her in, all over me and my shirt and pants I had just dressed in, and all over her blanket. She seems to keep giving me a Keeping It Real post even when I don't need one!!

Well, I am going to bed now... I am POOPED out! (Pardon the pun! I need a laugh really bad.)

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