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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I get emotional about teeth!! Seems strange that teeth can bring out such emotion for me, but they seem to hit a tender spot. ;)

Just recently Sierra (5) and Savannah were talking about Sierra having a loose tooth. It is common talk around here, so I brushed them off when I heard them saying to me that Sierra's tooth was loose. I was busy with something and just simply thought they were being silly. I am embarassed to say that a couple of days later I realized the tooth reaaly is loose!! I had to fight back the tears and say, "Oh my! Ya'll really were serious! Your tooth is loose! Soooooo exciting!" Of course, they are both saying they tried to tell me.

The next day we are sitting at the table for dinner and the "tooth talk" came up, again. I told them all that I secretly had to hold back my tears. Sierra misunderstood and sadly asked, "Why?" Cody quickly interjected to tell her that it just makes their momma sad. Not at all true! He was trying to help, but the truth is what I told them, "No, it does not make Momma sad that you are loosing a tooth. It just makes me think of those long awaited teeth first breaking through the skin like Sahara's are doing right now. I remember all of your little teeth coming in... each tiny precious one. The thought of those little teeth falling out makes me think of how little you all use too be." It is a symbolic moment of the end of those "baby and toddler days". They are crossing a threshold that they will only cross once. Yeah, that makes a momma have a flash of sadness, but the joy that they are growing as God intended them too is far greater. I thank God for EVERY milestone they reach!

So, we are waiting for that BIG moment when her tooth falls out. She is so excited and I am excited for her. Meanwhile, I noticed Sahara wince when something touched her upper gums yesterday. To my suprise I felt one little tooth... then..... another little tooth! Two in one day! They were just barely through the skin and I could not physically see them at all. Today they are visible. My tiny darling now has FOUR teeth..... TEETH.... and my tiniest darling (Sierra was our smallest) is losing her first TOOTH!

Hmmmm... The tooth fairy better get the fairy dust ready... Shhhh!


  1. oh, i am right there with you!!!! I cry when they change diaper sizes. I know I am weird!

  2. I am there with you, I have one baby losing teeth and one baby growing them. The baby has 8 teeth now. And my oldest has another loose one right now.


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