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Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's Out For Summer... School's Out Forever...

Okay, well not forever and technically I am refering to my husband the public school teacher. We are going to be homeschooling year round with lots of breaks! And excuse the reference to secular music, but who can resist a song that most of us have sung at the end of every school year of our life! I am so excited because I am ready to gain some order after out trial run of seven months of homeschooling. It has really taken it's toll on our house, but now I have a clearer picture of what I want our homeschool experience to be like. It seems that my husband and I are on the same track ... at least, some. We went our seperate ways at the SETHSA conference with me hoping that we could come together at the end and collaborate what we had gained. It seems that may not have been the best approach and after I realized Cody was just "putting on a good face" for me I suggested we go in a workshop together... the last one of our final day. David Hazell was the speaker and the workshop title was "Developing An Independent Learner". Something you should realize about David Hazell is that you are going to get so much more from him than just what the workshop title states. That is how it should be. Yes, he gave a great cram-packed one hour presentation on "developing independent learners", but in the process he shared his ideas of how the home should be run, scheduling your day, financially preparing your kids, sharing the world with your kids, how to change you to change them, how to teach from different perspectives and ages, etc.. Cody really was on board with what David Hazell had to say and liked his ideas. I was to and that made me realize that many of our (Cody & I) ideas for what we want are the same. I know it seems we should already know that, but Cody and I both very different. I am structure... Cody is unstructure. I think that workshop made him realize that to have all the unstructured time you have to have the structured time. When you have a house full you have "marry" the two... structure marries unstructure... Shannon marries Cody.... LOL! So, if we can have that structure in the early part of the day, then we can have unstructured afternoons. Anyway, I think we can start our Summer restructuring this house! LOL!

So, when he gets home in an hour I am ready to get the ball rolling! I can't wait to collaborate on our ideas and really focus on what we both want for our family! I am very excited!


  1. How much fun!!! I think nothing is greater in homeschooling than when husband and wife come together and collectively seek the Lord for his vision for their home school!!!

  2. Awesome! I can just "feel" your excitement through your post. I'm excited for you and hubby! :)


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