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Friday, June 12, 2009

It All Comes Back To Jesus

Tonight was the finale for our church Vacation Bible School! Wow! The church workers really did a great job! We are new to this church, so I had no idea what to expect. It was not just a program for the "members" kids. It was a huge outreach program... the way VBS should be. They ended up with 351 kids attending!! I plan to try to help out next year.

So, the main song is what I want to share with you tonight. The words are so powerful. Here is some of it:
"On the Boomerang Express it all comes back to Jesus!
No matter where you go or what you do
the most important thing in life is that you choose
to live for Jesus....
I'm glad you could make it for a ride that could change your life..."
So, the whole week the kids have been singing this and other songs along with the hand motions, which really reinforce the meaning of the songs. I think learning the hand motions helps the kids really think about what they are singing. All of the songs were wonderful and the church gave each of the kids a CD of the music! The kids have been listening to the songs all week due to their Daddy putting it on for them. I am so glad, because I do not always remember to do the little things like start the CD for them. One day I know they will take the initiative, but my kids are all young and they just don't do that, yet. So, if I let them forget they will and the CD will never get listened to. I am going make a point to start it for them and encourage them to start their music themselves. Music is such a wonderful learning (& fun) tool that I under use! And it has such power! All of us can remember words to songs, but can't remember simply poetry or facts sometimes. The message in Christian music is so much better that what I grew up listening to! That is what I want to "hide in their hearts". And I love it when you realize that what you have been singing is actually a Bible verse! Anyway, all of the lyrics are on Lifeway's website here. They are all in the form of PowerPoint presentations, so you have to download and "open" or "save". If you "watch" the presentations the kids can read along and sing like karaoke. Or you could print it out as a booklet for sing-a-long. Great practice for reading and for increasing reading speed without pressure.
So, if your kid's get a chance to "ride the Boomerang Express" this Summer you might want to take advantage of the PowerPoints... and purchase the CD, if your kids don't get a copy. The music is Contemporary and a great way for them to have cool non-secular music that is geared for their age.


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