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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Pics!

Just a couple pics to show their bandana clothes we made together. You can't really see Caden's or Sahara's in the "concert" pic. I added these to give you a glimpse. I always have to take an idea and change it up and make it my own... translation = complicate it. ;)
This is my birthday performance. What a wild "group" they were singing for my special concert! They're all wearing their bandanas we made for them. Sahara's is a dress (2). Savannah's is a long skirt (2). Sierra's is a knee-length skirt (1). Caden's is shorts (2) and a guitar strap (scraps). Look at Caden rockin' out at two years old! Not quite sure where they learn that stuff.
(X) shows the number of bandanas used.

Sierra and Sahara taking a bath together. Sahara was loving her big sissy's face... slapping it, poking her eyelashes and eyes, gigglung uncontrollably! So sweet and funny!!!

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