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Friday, July 24, 2009

School Motto

I was working in our schoolroom today and was really thinking about "why we homeschool". It was as if in my head I was talking to my kids about it and I was saying, "I homeschool because I want to be with you." Instantly, I could picture us starting each day chanting it to each other with simple hand signals.
I homeschool
(point to self; arms outstretched and moving outward)
because I want to be with YOU!
(point to self; point to kids as kids point to you --be loud and excitable)

I think I could use a reminder each day of why we are homeschooling to help keep it in perspective. I realize many of you do not need this... and if you do you do not need an explanation of hand signals. ;) Sometimes though for some of us it is in the little things we do that help us keep our perspective.

Okay, we now have a School Motto and School Bible Verse, but I still have yet to give our school a name. They want be little forever, so Little Things Academy is just not gonna cut it... I'll keep thinking. Meanwhile, I would LOVE to know if your homeschool has a name. Come on... leave me a comment telling me your school name or cool ideas you have heard from others.


  1. oh this is such a good idea. a great way to keep this in the forefront of everyone's mind. And sooner or later it will be so engrained in them I am sure you will see relationships change because of the fruit in their lives.
    I want to see pictures of your school room!!!

  2. Tara,
    My school room is messy chaos... just like me ;) I will do a post when I get a few more things done in there. Are you gearing up for conference? We are not planning to attend, but I am torn between wanting to and not having the energy for it.

    Anyway, with the school room I am constantly changing things in there. I like order and "everything in it's place", but I have to let it be fun, so that is a constant struggle for me. We have enough art and projects to keep us busy for a lifetime, but once I put it away it is out of sight out of mind. So, I am trying to organize with labeled bins (nothing fancy), so I "remember" to do the fun stuff.


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