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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Want Them All To Have It

Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen. --Hebrews 11:1
We chose FAITH for our oldest daughter's middle name because I wanted her to have a strong, unshakeable FAITH. When I was pregnant with my second daughter I wanted the same for her. How could I possibly want less for her?! A decision was made at that time that ALL of our daughters would be given the same middle name.. Faith.... an unexplainable hope... pure evidence of things not seen! That's what I want all my children to have!!! I want them to believe in what they can't see. God.
An added bonus is that when they grow older, marry, and change their last names they will have that name that will be unchanged that they will forever have in common.


  1. Well, now, I've never heard of anyone doing that. Pretty cool. :)

  2. I have 2 cousins with the same middle name after their father. But I love the reasoning behind your idea!

  3. Now why didn't I think of this! I love that! I did name my first daughter Faith (for the same reason as you) Finley's middle name is HOPE but I do love your idea!
    How's Michelle..tell her I said hi:)


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