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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a Funny Observation

My husband thinks the kids need to have lots of "Other Stuff" in our homeschooling day. "Other Stuff" can be field trips, reading, art, science experiments, journaling, etc.... all the fun stuff. My kids have had a full week off for Summer break and I thought it would be good to give them some "Other Stuff" in the form of Art Time. So, I bought some tissue paper in a eight colors. I took the time to cut it into 2"x2" squares and set up a simple art project for the kids, but with Cody home I asked him to assist with Caden The Destroyer. Caden was quite smiley and as all two years usually do he lost interest with joyful enthusiasm quite quickly. My wonderful patient and art loving husband (~sarcasm~) continued to "complete" Caden's project. Now I would have just let Caden be done. I mean, he(Caden) was happy. He got to participate and he was ready to move on to playtime. :) Not Daddy... Daddy thinks you have to actually do the whole thing... LOL! So, Daddy is in there mumbling and grumbling and do it!!! Funny! BUT I did have to point out to him that he was the only one complaining about how hard it was, how it was taking too long, how he thought it was too much of a project for little ones, etc.. I told him (and the kids) that it did not have to be finished all at once. It could be a project that is broken into smaller time segments. It is a rainbow, so you could talk about one color at a time and do it as a Unit Study thing. You could read the kids a book while they do the project. Anyway, he is in there and I think he has stopped complaining now. Maybe we will do another project tomorrow! (~Snicker-snicker He-he-he~)
(I will post art pics later after they are dry, so come back to see their beautiful rainbows!)

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