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Friday, July 10, 2009

More about Teeth

First, I want to say that much of my blogging is a way of journaling for my kids .... and myself. Lord knows my memory will need some serious help by the time they are all grown. I'll be 54 by the time Sahara is 18. And just so you do not have to do the math that makes me 36... at least, for a few more days.

Two days ago (7/8/09) Sahara got her fifth razor blade... uh-hem... I mean, tooth. I love how cute their little teeth are when they are new. It looks like they have grains of rice in their little mouths.

Yesterday (7/0/09) Sierra pulled her FIRST loose tooth while we were in Academy!! It was so gross... she was wiggling it and it kept bleeding and, of course, I had left the wet wipes in the van. If she would have left it alone it would not have been bleeding and I suspect it would have lasted another day, BUT I got sick (literally) of her making it bleed and said these all important words:

"If you pull it right now I will take you to Toys R Us."

She started twisting it! TWISTING! Ughhhhh! I was cringing. It just looked painful... and bloody.... gross! And then I am thinking, "What did I say?! What was I thinking?!" LOL! Do you ever speak something like that before you THINK!?! It was on! And before long she was holding that little tooth in her hand and celebrating! Not only was she brave enough to pull her first tooth, but she was getting to go to Toys R Us!

So, we went to Toys R Us and they looked around. Sierra had a little meltdown wanting to buy something for a dollar... like they have anything for a dollar!!! Eventually, we settled on buying each of them a light up sucker... something we never do. We were not meaning to be mean to her. My kids know that they rarely get to buy a toy. That is a special privilege and usually we start training them early this way by having them tell the toys "bye-bye" when we are ready to go. Rarely, do they have a meltdown, but she assumed she was getting something for pulling the tooth. I had simply said we would "GO" to Toys R Us. And yes, it was hard to not buy her a toy, but we feel that we have to stick to the rules or they will have the wrong expectations next time. And the Tooth Fairy did bring Sierra a container of purple Floam, a "Sticky Hand", $2, and left a trail of fairy dust throughout the room! Savannah had us slip 11 cents under Sierra's pillow, also. At our house the Tooth Fairy leaves a simple toy along with a couple of dollars for the first tooth. Thereafter, she leaves $1-3... the rules are subject to change based upon parental perogative. ;)

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