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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pics from yesterday...

Firecraker #1 and Firecrcker #2 baking rolls... trying on their bandana skirts... Miss Modesty wanted hers ankle length. I hope she will always be so modest ;) When I get all the outfits done, I'll post that. The girls helped sew theirs, so it has been a slow project to get completed!

Little Firecracker shining her RAZOR teeth.... Those chompers are cute, but the worst thing ever for nursing.... I am daily consider if we can go on... They are all different and she is not biting me, but has always had a tight latch-on. Yowweeeeee!

Ready to eat... Simple fixings... I told the girls they could have made this meal all by themselves.... I have to learn to LET them!

Boy Firecracker is just too beautiful for words.... look at those fluffy cheeks, full lips, and long eyelashes.... Dreamy!! I tell everyone he is the "Man of My Dreams"! He is gonna have one lucky wife with all his handsomeness! (..coming from a partial momma)

Little Firecracker can Patty-Cake! Yeah, we still think she is pure genius... even with all her delays... At 11 months she still can't crawl or sit herself up.... well, she did sit up a couple times without realizing it, but it is just easier to whine and one of us do it for her... so, spoiled rotten... She scoots around in circles on her booty.

My "twin" firecrackers were born years apart... one male and one female, but they look so much alike. They are wrestling in the bounce house.

These two were enjoying the balls, but Sahara was scared to be alone. She only smiled if her Sissy was near. Safety in numbers, ya know.

Savannah liked the bowling, but Brother Firecracker was busy destroying any chance she had to bowl... He was kicking them down... That's one way to do it!

I do exist... here's a pic to prove it! A rare moment when I am in a photo. Sierra stuck some "bunny ears" on Sahara! Cute moment!

Savannah was excited about the bounce house! She asked me why her mouth is opened in this pic.... I told her she as very excited, obviously.

Wow! Another pic I am in! What's going on! Daddy stepped behind the camera for a change for a group shot... Yippppppeeee!

Taking a short ride down the rode to set off some fireworks.... Sahara had already had her fill, but she was hanging in there a little longer! Caden was anxious to see where we were going.

"I love these type of pics... They are watching Daddy light the fireworks, while I observe my "little doorsteps"... .they grow up too fast.... and check out my little guys bronze body!
I must tell you we all feel like we are "hung over" today... and no, we only had tea and Kool-Aid... We are just tired... exhausted really, but it was a fun night!


  1. There you are!!! :) It's nice to put a face to the writing. It is so true about us in pictures. I think out over 250 from Disney, I'm in 4 of them. That's the life of a mom. Looks like you guys a blast. That's great.

  2. What great pictures... I'm sure you are told all the time, you have *ADORABLE* children!! Cute skirts the girls made, how fun that they helped make them!!

  3. Hi We're home!!!! your kids look SOOO much like you!! Happy to see you all are having fun!


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