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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Creating Traditions

{I'll add some photos tomorrow, so come back and see --DONE--... I'll also correct all the typos. -DONE-- Hope you can make sense of this post. ;) it's almost midnight! Goodnight!}
I am not real good at "doing" holidays. I mean, I am one of those people that throws a big birthday bash (although that may be changing) and I can come up with a lot of fun stuff to do for our parties complete with theme cakes, games, and over-the-top party decorations and ideas. The holidays are different, though. They are more complex for me. I think I have in my head that we have to have all these major "traditions". I grew up with it that way, but as I got older the "traditions" part kind of dwindled away more and more each year. As I became an adult and married there wasn't a lot to plan and it was really a matter of how to run from house to house and make everyone happy. And in our families it seemed that no one ever really had a plan. My mother wanted to plan, but she wants to go more complicated than is neccessary for small families. Now we have our children and that has made it difficult in many ways to do all the running around, but we still want those "traditions" for our kids. Out of necessity (and sanity) I have really been thinking about our holiday "traditions". So, today I decided to pull together some fun for my kids "on the fly"... no previous planning at all. I went out and prepared our larger kiddie pool and washed out our smaller kiddie pool and poured in three giant bags of ball pit balls. I had my husband get the bounce house out and I set that up. I set up a bowling alley on the sidewalk and then, got my kids involved in some easy cooking. I cut up some sausage for the grill and poured BBQ sauce over it. As Sierra walked by I asked her if she wanted to help me make something. Like I said, I really had no plan... we mixed up some instant pudding and then, I let her cut up a banana with a knife. Thrilled is an understatement... a knife!... very dull, so no worries... Before it was over we were crushing graham crackers in a bag with a rolling pin and making jello and all three of the older kids were involved. We created a very odd, but yummy dessert that was our own invention. Later my husband was actually frowning and looking at it strange... then, he tasted it and loved it! LOL! We all made some corn and then, I heated up some rice and mashed potatoes from the fridge. The highlight for the girls was "whack-a-can" crescent rolls! It took all three of use to pop that stubborn can open! All three of them help roll up the rolls... so easy and fun for them. It was all simple... simple food... all the food groups, but not very healthy.... Who cares! The memories are the "healthy" part. After dinner we went to grab some diapers I ... ahem... forgot to buy and came out with a box of fudgesicles, which we passed out in the parking lot. Not so smart as they were quickly melting in the Texas heat. We had to wait to leave to avoid a mess in the van. After that we were off to the fireworks stand for some simple fireworks. We went to a firework show earlier in the week and we just like to get some sparklers, Roman candles, silly unfolding lantern thing, etc... fun little cheap ones for the kids. Anyway, we came back here and exhausted them with all the festivities and Caden fell asleep in the kichen floor while I put his nightly meds and bandages on his toes (don't ask... we are full to the brim with skin issues here). It was so cute watching him pass out and then gathering him up in my arms to get him off the hard floor. Zzzzooonkkkk out! Meanwhile, Sierra was also passing out as Cody slipped her in bed. Sahara had actually zonked out a little early while still in her swimsuit. She was totally unphased by us peeling it of of her and putting her diaper on. She is currently sleeping in nothing but her diaper (snuggled in two blankets, of course). Cody jumped in the shower and Savannah and I decided we could share some cuddle time.. until she decided she was just too uncomfortable.... because she is getting too big! Within moments of moving to the couch she passed out, too! Easy! We might need to do this more often!! .... Oh yeah, all this took place after 4:PM today. The first part of the day was not so fun, but I think we turned it around and had a funfilled evening! Hope you all had some fun this 4th of July! And we did discuss the reasons we celebrate the 4th all throughout the week. I mean, that is the REASON we celebrate this day, right?! Don't forget to educate your family about this holiday. Make sure they know about our freedom and why we have it, that our country was founded on Christianity, and that many people have lost there lives to keep it that way, ... remind them that the fireworks are a symbol of the gunfire and that many veterans can not bear the sound of fireworks because of their war memories..., but also, CELEBRATE and create some traditions.

"...among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." --Declaration of Independence

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  1. I totally love running them around after 4 also. For some odd reason it totally wears them out quicker. I'm glad you had a fun fourth.


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