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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Keeping You So Busy?

Nursing the sick (Strep)... Being sick... Auction purchasing (furniture for closet organization)... Picking up auction wins (a lot of stuff... craziness!)... Delivering auction items to share :)... Pumping my way through some breastfeeding problems (arrggghhh!)... Wanting to be travelling... Dreaming of unchartered territories and cooler weather (thinking the Great Lakes)... Refereeing fighting , wild children... Pondering, yet not implementing a behavior/chore system ;( (Yes, I know it won't work if not implemented)... Turning 37... Staying up late to make my kids all matchy bandana clothing for MY birthday... Torturing my sick self on my birthday to have fun (for the kids, of course)... Attempting to reorganize our school supplies and books, our school room, and our MASSIVE family closet (and yes, I am thankful it is massive; otherwise it would not accomodate SIX people)... Observing the growing up of a tiny dark-brown eyed girl, a very stout blue eyed boy, a very vivacious light-brown eyed girl, and an overly relaxed hazel eyed girl (always being amazed that four children that so alike can have four different eye colors).

So, that's what's keeping me so busy (not to mention the normal daily duties). What's keeping you all so busy this summer? Comment here or blog about it. I LOVE to hear about it!


  1. Sore throats, bronchitis, runny noses, ear aches, fevers. We're contemplating the possibility of chicken pox! (either that or Hannah was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes who, in addition to her trunk, found her nether regions- we'll know by tomorrow for sure) All souvenirs from Boston. :D Writing resumes, job hunting for husband, contemplating interstate moving. Wondering if I don't live inside the white picket fence anymore, do I have to change the name of my blog? ;D And if all of that wasn't fun enough, teething!

  2. Taking the cover off the cold pool,skimming out the cold pool, running the filter to the cold pool, putting the cover back on the cold pool. Washing pants instead of shorts, watching movies instead of playing outside. BTW If you want to visit the great lakes, I'd love to meet ya. I'm in SE Michigan. :)


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