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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haircuts! Chop-Chop! and Chop!

A few days ago I gave Caden a quick haircut, because his hair was getting way too long. He is such a sissy about it, too. He cries and wimpers the whole time as if you are about to hurt him. Seriously ridiculous, but somehow sweet and cute all at the same time.

I have spent the last 11 months protecting Sahara from Caden. I have watch so closely that I accomplish very little and you have all read my posts about her delays, but she has survived. She is alive and well. Their daddy just does not get it though. He leaves her unattended while he "walks into the next room for just a moment". She has gotten tackled, push down with her head hitting a hard tile floor, and strangle hugged all in the name of love. Caden loves on her, but he is quite stout and he is just not gentle with her. And he has the maturity and reasoning skills of a two year old, because that is what he is.

So, the other day Caden is crafting with his older sisters and I give him the dullest scissors we have. I go into another area of the house while their daddy watches them all. Sahara is happily playing in the exersaucer, so Daddy decides it is a good time to put away a little laundry. He "only walked out of the room for a moment" when he came back to find a scissor happy Caden chop-chop-chopping Sahara's precious hair. I am not pleased as you can imagine. And I am not posting a pic of it because you won't be able to tell, but trust me she has a spot on the crown of her head that looks like the mange and short bangs on one side. It's baby hair, so it's not noticeable unless you are her momma. ;(

And so, that is the story of how two our kids got haircuts this week!

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  1. Hannah used to cut her own hair. From age 2-5, I'd find chunks missing. I would hide the scissors and she would always find a pair. I think I've finally convinced her to stop and her hair is the longest it has ever been. But now she has taken to biting the ends off of a piece right in the front.

    Jacob cut Lydia's hair once early spring (he's a good boy though and I know he won't do it again) right along her part line. So no ponytails for my girlie. It's really starting to grown back now - very spiky.

    I'm beginning to think that it's just another part of motherhood because I know I did it when I was very little and then again as a young teenager, so I'll be on the lookout in a few years!


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