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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Favorite Things for School

If I had to choose on favorite thing for my school supplies it would be:

This name plate is made by Carson Dellosa and can be purchased at many school/office supply stores or ordered through www.carsondellosa.com . It comes in several styles and various of age specific details. The choices make it match up with how you choose to teach:

  1. Traditional Manuscript
  2. Modern Manuscript
  3. Traditional Cursive
  4. OR Modern Cursive

You also choose the grade level:

  1. Grades PK-1 (includes name line, upper and lowercase alphabet with stroke lines, alphabet pictures, 0-20 number line, 8 shapes and shape names, left and right hand icons, 10 labeled color crayons, and 18” ruler)
  2. Grades 1-3 (includes a name line, alphabet upper and lowercase alphabet with stroke lines, 0–30 number line, 11 shapes with names and colors, 12 inch ruler, a hundreds board and addition chart
  3. Grades 3-5 (includes name line; upper and lowercase alphabet with stroke lines, 0-12 multiplication table; place value chart with words, fractions, and numerals; fraction and decimal equivalents; and standard and metric rulers)
  4. I also have one that includes name line; upper and lowercase alphabet with stroke lines, place value chart with words, fractions, and numerals; 0-30 number line; left and right words; days of the week, months of the year; money photo chart with amounts. (I am not sure which this is, but I have the item number, if anyone needs it.)

The down side is that they come in a pack of 36. Or this is the upside... depending on your viewpoint. I went in with a friend and split the cost and we each kept 18 of each that we bought. It would be great for several people (or a whole co-op) to split up and split cost.... or you could always share some with other homeschoolers as a little gift.

Anyway, this is my favorite thing. It is great for the kids to have this right in front of them all the time on their desks rather than a bunch of posters around the wall. This one thing can replace several reference posters. Let me know what you think of it and share your favorite thing!




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