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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Read My Previous Post, Then Read This

and want to
to all of you for your comments!

All of you have left me such wonderful AND HELPFUL comments! Thank you so much!
Catherine, I put that orange poppy there as a daily reminder, but I have not been looking at it lately. I will!!! I actually want to literally write a few of those things like that on the walls of my house. I thought about taking all the colorful "school" posters down and stenciling verses, etc. on my classroom walls.

Jennifer, I did decide to take the math slower than you are supposed to, but guess what? I have not been..... eeeekkk... my fault... We use A Beka and I like it, but I think it moves too fast. I want to slow it way down and I have to. I bribed Savannah and got some of the work done tonight, but now I am feeling ridiculous for it. I mean, really.... what did I accomplish? How quickly I forget that the whole reason I chose to homeschool was to spend QUALITY TIME with my kids. Also, our house is full of distractions as I am sure you can guess. I am holding a fussy baby or even a happy noisey baby while teaching and a two year old is throwing Legos around the room while tackling the baby or whatever. Meanwhile, I am teaching Kindergarten right next to Savannah, so she wants to watch some of that.... I mean, Kindergarten is so darn fun; who wouldn't want to do it!? I have looked into Math-U-See and it may be in our future, but I like the A Beka stuff on some level. I also realized that the My Father's World curriculum that I have been checking out uses Singapore Math and I got to thinking that it might be a good choice. I was all set to let her do her math alone tomorrow, but I am thinking that I might just play some cards with her. She will be shocked! I might through in some flashcards.... she actually likes some of them, but we never do them. I have the funnest set for doubles that we made together (I'll have to do a post about those). Maybe I need to do some more things like that, too.

Quinn, I have actually thought that she and Jared sound similar (which is why I had no real solutions to send your way... hehehe). Poor you, too! Seriously, I am joking.... they are a blessing and I keep trying to remind me that their differences are who they are. I don't want to ruin something special in Savannah just because I don't get it. Of course, I know that I was not doing nearly the level of math that she is when I was that age. I should just let her play and be a kid. On that note, we have totally cut back on screen time stuff. They are probably a bit in shock, too. Suddenly, everything in their lives is changing. They might be watching an hour of TV a day. They are not thrilled with that, but they are liking some of the new things we are doing instead. Both the girls have a Nintendo DS (from grandma), but they don't play much because they zombie out. They have not played in over a week. I wouldn't mind if they play a few times a week, but I limit them to mostly when we need some entertainment for them and I need something to do. I think seperating her for the worksheet stuff or doing on "her" time is going to be helpful... hopefully. I think we have got to add more game time to our home. There is so much to learn in just playing a game. And you are so right... "Anything that causes us to lean upon the Lord is a good thing and in that, you're day was a good day". I just wish in the midst of it He would drop a roll of duct tape from the sky for me to put over my mouth! ;)

I just had to do a seperate post for this because I wanted to make sure you all know how truly HELPFUL your comments were for me. Isn't blogging fabulous!! One day I am going to be saying, "I love homeschooling" and it is going to be due to the fabulous support I get from all my bloggy friends! THANK YOU!!!

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  1. I forgot to mention that my kids would rather play addition bingo than do "real" math. I got it at a used curriculum sale. I'm gonna go to the teacher's store and look for the subtraction one. That have NO idea that they are learning. :)


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