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Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling All My Experts

I have been searching the internet for a great spelling solution. I have looked at Spelling Power, All About Spelling, and Sequential Spelling.... amongst a hundred others. I have considered the pssibility of letting Savannah just play free online spelling games or buying a computer program for spelling. I even considered letting her fill her time with her Leapster or Nintendo DS for her spelling work. I have wondered what is used in the MFW curriculum for spelling (and I will be looking at that shortly). And then I thought, "Hmmmm... I bet my wonderful panel of experts could give me some counsel on this!!!!! Yooooo hoooooo !!!" So, what is your best advice and what can you tell for a 3rd grader, etc.. Savannah is a good speller, but she lacks confidence in herself, so A Beka's Spelling 3 is going to kill her self esteem. I refuse to ruin her that way. Last year she did great with A Beka's Spelling 2 and I just omitted the last couple of spelling lists. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!!

FYI: Spelling Power is a 3rd grade through 12th grade program that is a one time purchase for $65 or under. All About Spelling is done in paces, I think.... not to sure, but I read something about starting with their Level 1 and letting your child move through all the books if you do that program. Sequential Spelling sounds interesting in that you would have a list of words that you learn the root first (all). So the words on that list might be all, tall, taller, tallest, wall, hall, install, installment, installer, etc...


  1. We just started using spelling power! I tested the two older boys today! It was nice to be able to do this. the thing I like about spelling power is that you test them at the beginning of the week and then the rest of the week they spend working on the words they misspell. That way they do not waste time on words they have already mastered.

  2. Are you familiar at all with Ruth Beechick? She is a considered to be an expert in the homeschooling language arts and here is a link to what she said about spelling in her book A Biblical Home Education.


    That should take you to page 192 (I couldn't figure out how to copy/paste the actual text) It's about the 3rd paragraph and starts with the word Spelling in italics.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Tara, I find it interesting that we seem to be interested in the same types of school stuff. Spelling Power is the one that I most favor and I almost bought it yesterday and then, decided to do this post and see what you all had to say. I did not realize the test is at the beginning of the week and then, you focus on the mispellings. That is what have done in the past kind of. I introduce the words and then, do a pre-test (usually verbally) and we focus on the missed words.

    Quinn, I have heard a lot about Ruth Beechick, but have not read any of her writings, yet. So, I read that paragraph and I am totally in agreeance with RB. I have been thinking that I should just make a list of Savannah's misspelled words and teach from those, but I do want a little more structure to it and to add some words that will challenge her to add to her spelling abilities. So, what method do you use Quinn (if you happen to come back to this comment)?

    Thank you both and the rest of you please keep the comments coming!!


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